Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Book Review/ Green Eyed Mystery Guy

Hello again! Me here (obviously) just a quick update my next book Review will be on "The Mediator" by Jennifer Philips. I recently heard about the book through Jennifer herself on Twitter. "@jentweets04" (incase you want to follow her... I read a preview of it in the link here- http://www.hisyelloweyes.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=original&action=display&thread=55
I enjoyed the preview so much that I decided to buy it! (should be here in a couple days) then I will spend maybe 1 to 2 days reading it and then I'll report back here lol.
In other words here's a question: Do you believe in love at first sight? or in love at all for that matter? Answer in the comments-
and with that I might as well add the thought that I might be in love but I have no idea who this guy is... I know he has green eyes and dark hair and he continues to haunt my dreams every single night, just in the background or he'll see me and I him and he'll wink at me or even KISS me!I can never remember his face just his eyes and hair. (and I know they say that in your dreams you see people that you've actually seen before, but this seems different) and what I mean by that is everyone else in the dream I can remember their face but his I can't even if there's a whole crowed of people I can see their faces but not his. While I'm in the dream I see him perfectly but right when I wake up he's gone except his glowing green eyes and dark hair. if you can answer what this means please do I'm at a loss (of course! when am I not at a loss...) jk and with that I say goodbye till after I read "The Mediator"

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