Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up to date with my pages

Hey there, sorry it's been a while I've been really busy. And my Internet isn't working because my dad forgot to pay the bill so now I'm forced to use my phone. Oh well,
quick update: my next book review will be up soon, I've been dealing with tired teachers and anoying class mates so my life is pretty Chaotic at the moment. Speaking of the word "Chaotic" Have I told you I'm writing a book? Probably not well anyway it's called Chaotic Art eventhough it has nothing to do with the title except one quote I put in it. My progress is coming along splendidly so hopefully I'll be able to get it published by the end of this year or the begining or middle of the next. It's about a girl named Evie Day that has dreams of this mystery green eyed guy (sound familiar?) Then her life is somehow turned upside down and put into place all at the same time when she unexpectedly meets him at a party at the begining of the summer; Enter Ian Bright, the mystery green eyed guy from her dreams. And she's the blue eyed girl from his!? He knows something she doesn't about the both of them, and how they're conected in more than just seeing each other in their dreams and the slow growing love between them both. Evie's life is on the line with a close relitive of Ian- his own older brother who thinks Evie will exspose them all if she's not careful- Ian is now forced to protect his new found love and go against the older brother he's looked up to for years. By some twist of fate His older brother- Danny-has done this before with their younger sister-Kailey.

So there's a little info I hope it intrigues you to buy it when it comes out :)
until next time see you all later