Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meridian by Amber Kizer

hello again, happy to see you here- I mean I don't really see you hear but uhh....- never mind. Anyways lots of thngs have happened since I posted last, I got back in school which is actually cool I missed all my friends... (the reason I was out in first place is a long story) anyway here's my second book review... Meridian by Amber Kizer,
it's a great story about a girl who is half angel half human and get this she helps people to Heaven! I just loved that! she goes on a long journey to escape death threats from the Nocti which are the opposite of her they make people get to Hell... (not fun) but she meets her great great aunt who is like her and a boy named Tens. she almost instantly feels attraction to this boy and yeah lol but seriously this book is great I've read it three times in the past 5 months (I didn't have any new books) which didn't matter cause it was so good I really enjoyed reading three times. but it's a great book and I highly recommend it, it made my heart flutter!

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