Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Forgotten!

Hello to my new and first followers! So happy to have you here- I mean I don't really have you here but a... Nevermind.
Hi, hello little hyper right now since in like an hour or so I'll be going to get a new book :) but I'm here to talk about a different one.

Introducing The forgotten by Jennifer Phillips!
Yes the sequel to The Mediator
The forgotten is the sequel to the mediator. After tragedy strikes, Rob starts acting strange and Cassie is having visions of someone she doesn't know -Elle. Elle is the only one who knows enough to save Rob from himself and Cassie from Rob. Love is a battlefield and the war is on!
This book was just as amazing as the first one and truly you'll want it on your bookshelf or at least on your "next to read" book list.
Funny thing; through-out the entire book I was anoyed yes anoyed but this is the funny part to me if it's anoying (in a good way) then it was really good! took me two days to read since it's slighty longer than The Mediator
But so so good!
Oh and here's a plus! Both The Forgotten and The Mediator are on sale right now for the summer at so please go buy it and support Jen for her awesome work! by the way there is a third coming soon Jennifer is still in the process of writing it so I'm fully psyched! Happy Reading!

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